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Talking about Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness

In the current society, with the rapid development of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, people’s lives have become more and more convenient and fast. However, when we enjoy technological life, we don’t realize that we have been exposed to dangers such as information fraud, information capture and information harassment. Compared with the traditional means of fraud in the past, today’s criminals take advantage of the efficiency of technology to take advantage of network security loopholes to carry out fraud, making people even more difficult to guard against. Perhaps it is some small negligence in life that may cause personal information leakage and cause information security risks.

information security awareness

The information security has changed people’s work, study and living habits, making people more dependent on computer networks. While enjoying the various conveniences brought by the information security, people often lack information security awareness and ignore information security guarantees. People’s information security awareness is gradually established through the awareness and understanding of information security. This post analyzes and discusses the connotation of information security awareness and the current situation of information security development, and puts forward effective measures to strengthen information security awareness.

The importance of information security

Information security is the cornerstone of informatization construction and the guarantee for the normal operation and effectiveness of information networks. Information security has become an overall problem affecting national security, social stability and economic development. A country’s ability to obtain information and ensure information security is a symbol of comprehensive national strength, economic competitiveness and viability in the 21st century, and a “killer copper” for future international competition. The development of society and the arrival of the digital network era have changed many aspects of people’s lives. The universal deposit and withdrawal of bank deposits, deposits and withdrawals in different places, surfing the Internet, online shopping and online transactions all bring convenience to people’s lives. But while computers and networks bring convenience and speed, it also imposes some conditions. Nowadays, people have less cash in their pockets and more various cards, such as bank credit cards, medical and social security cards, salary cards and so on. These cards really make people convenient, but just because these cards are so convenient that when people use them, the computer system only recognizes the cardholder and does not identify the real owner of the card, so people have to for the safety of the information on the card Set passwords and more for various cards. This is an information security issue. People set various passwords for the security of their information.

With the development and popularization of the Internet, network viruses, network attacks, and network crimes have rapidly reached an unprecedented rampant level. Today’s viruses can spread rapidly across the world within ten minutes, disrupting the global economy in an instant. Network security has become the focus of global attention, and hackers and computer viruses are threatening the normal operation of various departments. When people increasingly rely on computer networks, they find that the network is so fragile. Therefore, information security has been paid more and more attention all over the world, and information security has become an important symbol to measure whether an information system is perfect.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines information security as “technically and managerially established security protection for data processing systems to protect computer hardware, software and data from damage, change and disclosure due to accidental and malicious reasons”.

Main content of information security

The main contents of information security include: confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and validity.

Information security mainly refers to the maintenance of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, that is, the use of computer software and hardware technology, network technology, key technology and other security technologies and various organizational management measures to protect information during its life cycle. In all links of generation, transmission, exchange, processing and storage, its confidentiality, integrity and availability will not be destroyed.

Confidentiality means: Ensuring that only those who have been granted specific permissions have access to information. The confidentiality of information varies according to the number of objects that are allowed to access the information. The information that everyone can access is public information, and the information that needs to be restricted from access is sensitive information or secret information. According to the importance of the information and confidentiality requirements, the information is divided into Different levels of confidentiality, such as internal military documents are generally divided into three levels: secret, confidential and top secret. Authorized users can operate confidential information according to the authorized operation rights. Some users can only read information, and some users can both read and write.

Integrity of information means: to ensure the correctness and completeness of information and processing methods. On the one hand, information integrity refers to the fact that no tampering, loss of information, or wrong information occurs in the process of using, transmitting, and storing information; on the other hand, it refers to the correctness of information processing methods, improper operations, and It may cause loss of important files, or even paralysis of the entire system.

Availability of information refers to ensuring that authorized users can indeed access the information they need when they need it. That is, information and related information assets can be obtained immediately when the authorized person needs them. For example, interruption of communication lines and network congestion will cause information to be unavailable for a period of time and affect normal business operations. This is the destruction of information availability. Systems that provide information must be able to withstand attacks appropriately and recover from failure. In addition, the authenticity and validity of information must be guaranteed, that is, business transactions and information exchanges between organizations or between organizations and partners are trustworthy.

Information Security Development Status

Information security can be regarded as an emerging industry in the process of my country’s informatization construction. In general, the development trajectory of information security includes the following three stages:

⑴The budding stage

Before 2005, various industries and departments in China began to develop awareness of information security: from the initial “emphasis on information construction” but “ignoring the construction of security systems” to “awareness of the importance of security” and “hope to realize information security” Security”, but think that information security is very mysterious, and do not know where to start. At this stage, customers in various industries are consciously learning and accumulating information security knowledge, and conducting extensive exchanges with authorities in this field to understand their technologies, concepts, products, and services. At the same time, some small-scale and sporadic information security constructions have also appeared in some enterprises and departments, but they have not achieved scale and systematization; moreover, for information security in this period, the government’s macro-policy is more appealing. There are many, but there are relatively few specific affairs to be promoted. Although it seems very lively, there are very few actual information security constructions.

⑵ outbreak stage

After 2005, the needs of various domestic industries and departments for information security construction have changed from “spontaneous” to “conscious”. The customer has basically understood the construction content and significance of information security. Many industry departments have begun to plan and deploy internal information security construction. Leaders of various industries attach great importance to it and continue to increase investment. Therefore, information security has become the top priority of this phase of construction. In a sense, the explosion of demand in the information security market can be said to be caused by the “debts” of various industries in information security over the years.

⑶ popularization stage

When information security construction is integrated with the overall information construction of various industries, information security is one of the key links in IT construction. It is as important and ubiquitous as air, but it is not easy to be noticed.

In 3 to 5 years from now, the information security market will maintain a high-speed and super-scale development momentum, and telecommunications, government, and finance will be the industries with the greatest demand for information security. Because the telecommunications industry and the financial industry are industries with large investment, fast development, high degree of informatization, complex needs, and relatively severe security situation, while government departments play a role model to the outside world due to their high position and urgent security needs, so There will also be increased investment in information security.

The biggest security issue in the 21st century is information security, as well as economic security, political security, military security, social security, technological security, and cultural security based on information security. The weakest link in information security is likely to be careless people, not software bugs. Hackers have captured many extremely complex networks, not only relying on superb technology, but also exploiting human weaknesses. Only by raising people’s security awareness to a very high level can we fundamentally reduce the risk of information security.

Effective Measures to Improve Information Security Awareness

A good information security environment is the need to further deepen reform and opening up and promote my country’s socialist modernization, and it is also the foundation of national security. The premise of a good information security environment is that all citizens must have a strong awareness of information security and a high degree of vigilance in protecting sensitive national information.

1. Improve the information security awareness of leading cadres

Leading cadres at all levels are not only the main body of generating, transmitting, utilizing and storing sensitive information, but also the main target of stealing sensitive information. Therefore, to improve the awareness of information security, the quality of information security of leading cadres at all levels is particularly important. Because only when leaders raise their awareness of information security can they seriously grasp information security work, strictly implement various laws and regulations, and strictly organize and implement information security inspections, can information security work be effective and well done.

2. Improve the information security awareness of confidential personnel

Secret-related personnel are important managers of secret information security, and are responsible for sending, receiving and keeping confidential secret information. Doing a good job in the team building of secret-related personnel and improving their quality is the key to doing a good job in information security. To improve the quality of secret-related personnel, in addition to improving ideological understanding, cultivating a scientific and rigorous style of work, and strictly abiding by laws and regulations and various rules and regulations, professional training on information security and confidentiality under high-tech conditions is required to enable them to master the use of modern technical tools to manage documents. Knowledge of archives, familiarity with their own business, high judgment and insight into phenomena that may cause leakage of secrets, and mastering a certain level of anti-theft technology. 3. Improve the information security awareness of professional and technical personnel

Professional and technical personnel are the new force of information security management in our country and the operators and maintainers of information security. Professional and technical personnel must have sufficient information security knowledge, fully understand the security performance of relevant security technologies, operating systems, and application software, keep track of security news and security technology developments, and develop good information security habits. The government should actively promote exchanges between my country’s information technology professionals and foreign countries in the cultivation of information security awareness. Learning from foreign successful experience, using foreign research results, drawing on foreign educational strength, and introducing foreign excellent teaching materials and related theories is a shortcut to rapidly improve the training level of information security awareness of professional and technical personnel in our country.

3. Raise the awareness of information security of the whole people

In order to enhance the citizens’ awareness of information security and improve the awareness of national information security, it is necessary to carry out information security education for the whole people. In order to ensure the security of the party and the state’s secrets under any circumstances, the most fundamental thing is to do a good job in ideological education and improve the information security awareness of the whole people. All industries and government information management departments at all levels should use public opinion and media to publicize the importance of information security; compile information security knowledge manuals to strengthen self-protection capabilities in information security; establish a set of security training systems for users of different levels. Gradually improve the technical level of computer users through hierarchical training; organize the study of laws and regulations on information security work, popularize common sense of information security, and introduce information security technologies. Only when the information security awareness of the whole people is enhanced, information security will be fully guaranteed.

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